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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello, and thanks for being my Yuletide writer! This is my first time doing Yuletide :-) I’ve put some general do’s and don’ts below, as well as prompts. If these inspire some fic ideas for you, great! If not, write whatever you’re inspired to write and I will be happy. I’ve heard that some writers like to check out their recipient’s online profile for guidance, in which case I apologise, since I am a major lurker with very little digital footprint. I do have a ff.net account, but that represents who I was a decade ago, so I wouldn’t use it for any cyber-sleuthing. Other than that, have fun!

General Fanfic Do’s: Polyamory, first time, team bonding, banter or arguing during sex, awesomely pulling off complicated plans, hilariously failing to pull off simple plans, hope in awful situations, I-know-you’re-bad-for-me-but-I-can’t-walk-away, unlikely allies, us-against-the-world.

General Fanfic Don’ts: No underage, no bestiality, no character death, no apocalypse fic, no scat, no exhibitionism/public sex, no cheating/infidelity, no crossovers, no AUs where you keep the characters but change the setting - for example, Coffeeshop AUs, Historical AUs, the one where they are all cats (Canon Divergent AU’s are fine).

'39 - Queen (Song)

Characters Requested: Any

This song has a lot of potential as a straight up sci-fi story. The way I interpret it is as follows - due to some reason, the Earth has become barely habitable. Twenty volunteers set out in a spaceship to look for a new world to live in. They find a suitable planet and return, only to find that a century has passed, and the loved ones they left behind have died, although their descendants live on.

In the story, I'd like some sort of explanation for why the time dilation took them by surprise, since if they were using Einsteinian physics that was easily predictable. Other than that, put in as much or as little technical detail as you feel comfortable with - I far prefer a sci-fi handwave to something that gets the science wrong.

I would be OK with the members of Queen being part of the crew in a kind of Space!AU, or entirely original characters. And if David Bowie shows up at some point, well, that's only fitting :)


Characters Requested: Audrey, Duke, Nathan

First things first, I ship Audrey/Nathan/Duke. If you don't, then I would prefer there not to be any shipping that pairs up two of them and leaves one out. I would be completely happy with gen Audrey&Nathan&Duke that shows how important they all are to each other as friends.

If you do want to go the OT3 route, I think the season 2 Christmas episode is perfect for a threesome fic. Audrey realising the importance of family and friendship! Duke and Nathan under the mistletoe! Audrey telling Duke and Nathan they have to learn to share! Hot and heavy PWP or schmoopy fade to black, doesn't really matter.

On the non-OT3 side, I'd like a fic where Audrey learns more about Nathan and Duke growing up together. What was it like during the troubles when they were kids? What were they like in high school? I'd especially like it if during the talks they repair their relationship a little, while also strengthening their bond with Audrey.

Other than the main three, I like Jennifer and Dwight. Feel free to include them!


Characters Requested: Luther, Alice, Mark North

The ending of season 1 of Luther fulfils two of my all-time favourite tropes - Alice, Luther and Mark are "Unlikely Allies" and it's "Them against the World". I would love more fics in that vein, where they all have to team up for some goal, and they realise that they all understand each other and share something special, even if they don't always like or trust each other.

I've watched season 3, so fics set after the end of that are all good. Just please don't leave Mark out!

I ship Alice/Luther/Mark, in the sense that I want them to have hot sex and a fucked up relationship, not that I think they could ever settle down and live happily ever after. If you don't want to go there explicitly, just keep the angsty relationships and skip the sex, that's fine too.

Reservoir Dogs

Characters Requested: Mr Orange, Mr White

Generally I'm a live and let shipper - not everybody sees things the same way, not everybody dons their slash goggles as often as I do, and that's fine.

But Mr Orange and Mr White are in love.

Romantically, platonically, father-son, doesn't really matter (although romantic/sexual if my favourite), so long as you realise that they developed very strong feelings for each other in a very short amount of time. I can't think of any prompt beyond that, so set it pre, during or post movie and I will be happy with anything you write.

Ultraviolet (1998 mini-series)

Characters Requested: Vaughan, Angie, Mike

This show really pushed all of my fandom buttons, so I'm really hoping this Yuletide will turn up someone else who feels the same!

I came out of the show shipping Vaughan/Angie/Mike. I love the mixture of antagonism and sympathy that they give each other, and the old "being drawn together by traumatic circumstances" trope. I never really warmed to Kirsty, Frances or Father Pearse as characters, so not too much focus on them please. I did come up with a fairly cracky bit of headcanon that Mike and Jack had fooled around in the past and it meant way more to Mike than it did to Jack - feel free to incorporate or ignore this as you please. If you don't like or don't feel comfortable writing OT3 shippy fic I am totally down with a fic that has Vaughan, Angie and Mike as the main characters and doesn't have any sex/romance at all.

On the plotty side the show gave us so much potential with the vampires' plot to wipe out humanity. You may have noticed that I mentioned "no apocalypse fic" in my general don'ts. The reason for this is that I really don't like the feeling of purposelessness, hopelessness and despair that most of these fics have. In this fandom, I would be fine with a fic where the vampires accomplished some of their plan to destroy humanity, so long as the characters are still fighting and have a reasonable chance of beating back the vampires and re-establishing humanity.

That's all I can think of, so have a very merry Yuletide :-) I'll turn anonymous commenting on here in case you have any questions. Good luck!


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